Monday, June 28, 2010


In this chaotic cyberworld its very necessary to take care of your email accounts. Today mostly all the online services and other softwares need you to provide them with you email id to prove your authenticity. But you may not be comfortable providing your regular email id to the service which you do not trust currently or you may want to use the service just once and don't see the need to provide them with your real email id. Disposable email id are very useful in this matter. Some of the other reasons to use disposable email id are
  • Sending anonymous email .
  • Sending emails for which you don't want replies.
  • Avoiding spam to your genuine email id.
  • or just want a temporary email id to accept, sign up authenticating emails.
here is one of the online service that provides a disposable id.

10 Minute Mail provides you with a disposable email id for the duration of 10 minutes. When you visit the site you will be instantly provided with a email id, you can use it to do your required work. If you are accepting a reply wait on the same page any received email will be shown on the same page in the lower section. You will be shown in realtime how much time is left for the id to expire. If you need some extra time click on the "Give me 10 more minutes" option under the email id to receive more 10 minutes.
To know more about the service and use it CLICK HERE

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